Electric Car Charging Speed: What You Need to Know

By Joe Voci, JDV Electric, LLC

Did you know that you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) battery with the standard outlet? In the world of electric vehicles, this type of charging is called Level 1 charging. The charging station for this Level 1 charging is usually supplied with the car; therefore, all-electric vehicle owners have access to it.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “All I need to charge my EV at home is a household outlet? Easy peasy!”

Just a moment! There’s more to know about electric car charging speed and how to use Level 1 charging.

Although using a Level 1 charging station is the most straightforward way to start charging your EV at home, it is generally only used for emergencies and roadside troubleshooting. Most of the time, it stays in the trunk of the vehicle. Here’s why:

Level 1 charging stations are 120-volt plugs, and:

  • They can take over 24 hours to deliver an optimal battery charge of 80% at a speed of about six miles per hour. 
  • They can only charge one electric car at a time (the plug cannot be used by other appliances either).

You now understand that if you want to take advantage of a faster charging speed at home, you will need to equip yourself with a more efficient charging station.

The fastest way to charge your electric car at home is with a Level 2 charging station. It can be installed on the side of your house, in a garage or in your private parking lot. It also needs to be wired directly into your main home electrical panel; a licensed and insured electrician should wire it.

Level 2 charging stations have a 240-volt plug, and:

  • They can deliver an optimal battery charge of 80% in four to five hours at a charging speed of about 15 miles per hour for a plug-in hybrid and up to 40 miles per hour for an all-electric vehicle.
  • They are plugged into a special outlet or connected directly to the electrical panel.

A Level 2 charging station is, therefore, a key element in truly enjoying all the advantages of charging at home for its practicality, ease of use, reliability and savings!

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