Fireplace Accessories – The Options Are Astounding!

By Scott Magness; Scott‘s Fireplace Products

The fireplace is a beautifully visible part of the home. It plays an important role in our lives and is a sought-after feature for people looking to build or buy a house. The fireplace reflects the heart and soul of its owners, and can turn a plain room into an inviting retreat. Yet, one of the most exciting characteristics of a fireplace is its role as a design focal point, bringing together furniture, artwork, lamps and draperies in a pleasingly harmonious décor within a room.

The Key is Accessorizing

Adding accessories is the secret to creating a fireplace that integrates form and function. A basic fireplace can be enhanced by simply adding an attractive standing firescreen, which offers a myriad of finishes, including satin and textured black, brushed nickel, natural iron, polished brass, vintage iron and many others. We also have spark guards available which can be a more traditional alternative to a firescreen.

Quickly Get Your Fire Burning

There is no more need for newspaper or traditionally hard to ignite kindling to get your fire started. Two or three sticks of Fatwood or just one Lightning Nugget FireStarter is all it takes to quickly get your fire burning.

Grates and Log Rings

  • Grates – A quality grate offers good airflow and ensures excellent combustion, plus the tight casting design holds the burning logs and bed of hot coals until they are rendered to ash.
  • Self-Feeding – The high front and low back profile of the self-feeding grate allows wood to self-feed to the rear of the fireplace where the natural draft is.
  • Safety – The self-feeding grate features a higher front edge, which minimizes the possibility of a burning log rolling off the grate into the living area.
  • Log Hoops – Made of a solid grade steel material in a bar-stock design, log hoops traditionally come in three sizes: 24”, 36” and 48”.

Outdoor Log Racks

Wood racks are designed with quality and simplicity in mind. They feature the look and strength of a traditional firewood rack, and include a standard reinforced vinyl cover that fits over the rack posts, and slides down as wood is used. The stack of firewood is protected from rain and snow while allowing cross ventilation. 

Author of this article is Scott Magness of Scott’s Fireplace Products in Newtown Square, PA.  
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